How to write a Christian wedding ceremony script

Perhaps the most important and exciting aspect of being ordained is that, as the officiate, you will conduct the wedding, just like the conductor of an orchestra. It’s essentially your job to ‘host’ the ceremony – it’s your role to guide the ceremony from introduction through to conclusion and final moments. And the biggest part of conducting the wedding? The script. This will outline everything you say during the ceremony, from start to finish, as well as directions for actions during it, too.

When it comes to Christian weddings, there are many variations within the traditional ceremony to use and combine to create the perfect script and order of service for the day. Here is how to write the perfect Christian wedding script.

Find the perfect Christian wedding template for you

While the beauty of becoming ordained for a wedding means you can customize the script to the couple and the wedding, the best way to do this is to start with a template to create the script: it’ll help the guests understand the ceremony best by providing a recognizable structure, and it’ll be far easier for you to write than starting from an entirely blank page. There are some excellent Christian wedding templates to start from here. 

Speak to the couple and their family about favorite prayers

An ideal Christian wedding script includes a mixture of prayers, bible readings, hymns, salt covenants and more. What makes these even more powerful is when they are beloved by the couple and their families. All families will have their favorite wedding traditions, bible chapters, passages and more, so be sure to incorporate these into the script, as well as bible readings from the couple’s family and friends.

Relate Christian teachings and prayers to the couple

The really special thing about being the chosen ordained minister for the wedding is that you can personalize the script to the couple. With a Christian wedding, a beautiful way to do this is to take Christian teachings in prayers, hymns and bible readings, and relating it to the couple, their personalities and relationship story. This will create the perfect mix of customization and Christian tradition.


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