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How To Become A Wedding Officiant

Do I need to be an ordained minister to officiate a wedding?

Have you ever attended a wedding, and felt the joy of playing a role in it? Being a part of someone’s big day is a great honor, and being asked to officiate it is a wonderful request, but preparing to perform this duty is vital. So, you might be wondering if you are required to be an ordained minister in

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How to perform a wedding ceremony in Texas – what you need to know about state marriage laws and ordination.

Planning a wedding in Texas is such an exciting event because it is a great place for a beautiful marriage celebration. Nowadays, many couples in Texas prefer to have a close family member or friend to perform their weddings; this can make your day even more special and intimate. Increasingly, people who aren’t affiliated with any religious organization or those

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What does ordination mean, and how do churches ordain people?

You must have heard the word ordination countless times since your closest family member or friend asked you to officiate their wedding. But what exactly does it mean? 

Through the years, the meaning of ordination remains the same despite how the process has evolved, from ancient times up to the modern day: it means to turn someone into an ordained

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How to perform a wedding in Florida – what you need to know about state marriage laws and ordination

If you’re a couple who is planning to have a wedding in Florida, or you’re one of the lucky ones assigned to be an officiant, then this guide is for you. 

A wedding requires a lot of preparation, starting from the wedding attire up to the venue. A lot of factors should be taken into consideration to ensure that everything

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What Songs and Music Should I Include in My Wedding Ceremony?

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Music is a gift, and it’s an essential part of a wedding. It releases feel-good hormones in the brain, which makes people happy. It has a lasting effect that is perhaps the element that guests will remember the most. But not every kind of musical style or song fits this type of occasion. That’s why you should be careful in

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7 Great Wedding Ceremony Readings for 2021

If you want to incorporate wisdom, humor, and a sense of intimacy on your big day, you should think about wedding readings. When you choose the right literature, you can set the atmosphere during your ceremony. Whether you want to lighten the mood or establish reverence, readings will get the job done. Need inspiration? Take a look at these seven

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Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Last Minute Planning

Every couple understands that planning the perfect wedding takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. But did you know that even a last minute wedding can be as great? Planning a wedding on short notice can be a wooly experience, but with our tips, you can avoid getting stressed out and have fun preparing yourself for your big day!

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How Long Do Wedding Ceremonies Last, and What is the Best Length?

You heard the saying, “timing is everything.” The same can be said about wedding ceremonies. You may not realize, but timing is one of the most important elements in your big day. If you predetermine the schedule of the different portions of your wedding, like when it starts and ends, you’ll appreciate how effortless it is to organize it. With

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Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

How To Fill Out a Marriage License, For the Couple and Wedding Officiant

Are you planning a wedding this summer but are confused with the license work? Well, here, you can get a quick overview of how to fill out a marriage license for good.

Wedding ceremonies are all exciting, but there’s a lot more to them. Above all the significant preparations, the most important one is filling the wedding license right. This

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How to Write a Simple Religious Wedding Ceremony Script

The religious wedding ceremony script is precious as it defines the starting point towards a beautiful lifelong relationship. If you’ve been confused about how to approach the subject and write it, this blog can help you create an accurate and personalized religious wedding script for your big day.

This script can be divided into a few parts. Some of these