What is a Declaration of Intent & What Does the Officiant Say?

Photo by Danik Prihodko, Pexels

There are only a couple of things that a wedding officiant must include during a civil marriage ceremony for the service to be legal… 

One of those things is called the ‘Declaration of Intent.’ 

This ‘declaration’ is when the couple formally ‘declares’ their intention to marry in front of their officiant and witnesses, hence the …

How to Get Married in Another State

Thinking of going somewhere a little more sunny, or snowy, or green to tie the knot? Here’s what you need to know:

If you’re dreaming of a destination wedding somewhere in the U.S., there’s one very important thing you should know…

You must apply for your marriage license in the state or county where you plan to get married.


The Simple Wedding Ceremony Script You’ve Been Looking For

Don’t stress about writing your wedding ceremony, here’s an easy way to crush it on the big day!

You’ve been looking for a wedding ceremony script that’s impossible to mess up, right?

Something simple, sweet, heartfelt, and easy to read?

A script that won’t trip you up with big words or complicated readings on the day of the wedding?


How to perform a wedding ceremony in Texas – what you need to know about state marriage laws and ordination.

Planning a wedding in Texas is such an exciting event because it is a great place for a beautiful marriage celebration. Nowadays, many couples in Texas prefer to have a close family member or friend to perform their weddings; this can make your day even more special and intimate. Increasingly, people who aren’t affiliated with any religious organization or those

What does ordination mean, and how do churches ordain people?

You must have heard the word ordination countless times since your closest family member or friend asked you to officiate their wedding. But what exactly does it mean? 

Through the years, the meaning of ordination remains the same despite how the process has evolved, from ancient times up to the modern day: it means to turn someone into an ordained

7 Great Wedding Ceremony Readings for 2021

If you want to incorporate wisdom, humor, and a sense of intimacy on your big day, you should think about wedding readings. When you choose the right literature, you can set the atmosphere during your ceremony. Whether you want to lighten the mood or establish reverence, readings will get the job done. Need inspiration? Take a look at these seven