What does ordination mean, and how do churches ordain people?

You must have heard the word ordination countless times since your closest family member or friend asked you to officiate their wedding. But what exactly does it mean? 

Through the years, the meaning of ordination remains the same despite how the process has evolved, from ancient times up to the modern day: it means to turn someone into an ordained minister who can perform the duties of a church leader. One of the most special responsibilities of an ordained minister is that of officiating weddings. 

Nowadays, there are many ways to become an officiant, including getting ordained online, which is a quick and easy way to complete the process. Before then, an ordination would need to have been performed in a church. 


How do churches ordain people?

For a church wedding, it is required to have an ordained officiant conduct your marriage ceremony. The process of getting ordained is a rite derived from the Jewish custom of the laying on of hands. The ceremony involves the ordaining minister placing the hands to the head of the one about to be ordained. Usually, prayers asking for the Holy Spirits’ gifts and guidance to undertake the responsibilities to be performed in this capacity are spoken – duties such as preaching, spiritual counseling, and officiating a church wedding.


How to get ordained online?

The digital world has given a whole new definition to the old meaning of ordination. The sheer number of online platforms offering services in this regard can make choosing one a difficult task.

If there’s something that an online ordination website should stand for, it’s the freedom to choose a wedding officiant and equality when it comes to who has the right to marry. These things make up the core beliefs of the American Marriage Ministries (AMM).

AMM is special because of its Non-Profit Government Certifications. They already have a network of ministers in fifty states and support a number of charitable concerns. AMM makes donations to other organizations with the goal of enabling more people to get ordained.


With AMM, it is easy to become a wedding officiant. Here are the things you need to consider to become an AMM certified minister:


  • You need to complete the Ordination Application form online. You must be at least be 18 years of age. 
  • The process is free.
  • Open to everyone. AMM doesn’t label people. As long as you know how to adhere to the image of an AMM minister and respect its core values. 
  • Your AMM certificate is recognized anywhere in the United States, in compliance with the local ministry.
  • You can conduct wedding ceremonies once you are ordained unless a government office is where the ceremony will be taking place. Make sure to research first if the state you’ll be conducting the nuptial ceremony will require you to register or not.