3 tips for live streaming a wedding ceremony in 2021

In the unprecedented times of Covid-19, many people planning their weddings in 2021 have found that, while they can go ahead with getting married, gatherings have become intimate with a small handful of guests in attendance, if any at all. But, just as we have found ways to move our interactions to safe, virtual ones, so too have our special occasions – and even weddings.


For those that can’t attend in person, thanks to limits on gatherings and travel, our loved ones can still be part of smaller post-Covid weddings, wherever they may be in the world, by live streaming the ceremony online.


Here are our tips for live streaming your wedding for your guests…


Find the best live streaming app for your needs

There are a variety of apps to choose from to stream your wedding – try and test all of them to see which works best for your needs, which works best from the venue, and which is most common and easy to use for your guests.

The main things you want to think about are quality, and ease of use – so anything which your guests don’t need to pay for, and can click through in as few steps as possible is ideal. Some of our favorites are Zoom, which has become the defacto video conferencing service for many in the past year, and Facebook Live, which has the benefit of already being connected to your friends and family – and being a platform most people are already familiar with.


Hire a professional camera crew

To ensure your getting hitched is streamed without any hitches, you can hire a content capture team who specialize in filming and streaming to record everything from the venue on your big day – so all you have to think about is the actual wedding ceremony. Think of them as the new ‘wedding photographer’. A specialist content crew can take care of streaming the event, recording and editing video, sharing photos to social media and more, so it’s worth building one into your budget now more than ever.


Invite your guests to a virtual wedding party

Just because you’re not in the same room, doesn’t mean you can’t all celebrate together. Arrange a reception or party for after the actual ceremony, where everyone can chat, tell funny stories, have virtual readings, share old photos, and even have a DJ bring the soundtrack to the festivities. It’s a good idea to appoint a (virtual) Best Man or Maid of Honor whose role is to encourage the party proceedings online through interaction, games and more.



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