Who can become a wedding officiant, and what steps do you need to take?

Becoming a wedding officiant is one of the most rewarding roles you can ever have – and there’s nothing more exciting than being able to personalize a loved one’s wedding by becoming ordained especially for it.

In practice, a wedding officiant is the person who leads the wedding ceremony, like the conductor of an orchestra, or an emcee. Legally, the officiant is the person who administers the legal marriage contract – the verbal equivalent of the marriage license, ensuring that both parties are entering into the marriage contract willingly.

While the role is incredibly enjoyable and personal, it also comes with huge responsibility – but now, it’s easier than ever to become officially ordained in order to conduct a wedding yourself, or for your loved ones. Here’s your guide to who can become a wedding officiant, and how…


Who can become a wedding officiant?

Anyone can become an ordained minister – regardless of background, sexual orientation and even spirituality. In fact, you can become an ordained minister through the AMM even as an atheist. The only requirements here are that you are more than 18 years of age, and that you behave honestly, with respect and integrity, when in the capacity as an AMM minister.


Apply for your ordination online with American Marriage Ministries – for free


Becoming officially ordained is surprisingly simple – you can apply online right now to become an AMM Minister, authorized to perform marriage, here. Even better, it’s free to do!


What next?

Once you become an AMM minister, you can perform a wedding anywhere in the United States, as long as you comply with local minister regulations. Whether there are any further steps to take will depend on the local regulations of the state where you intend to perform marriage (you can find more details on the laws depending on the state here). Then, your next job is to plan the wedding script and fulfil the legal requirements of the marriage, such as the marriage contract and the marriage licence – you can complete this comprehensive training online with the AMM, too.



Ready to take the steps to becoming ordained? Head to The AMM to find everything you need to know about officiating a wedding.