Non-Religious Ordinations and Why They Are a Growing Trend

What exactly is nondenominational ordination, and why might it be a good idea? This article explores all the reasons to choose this path that has been growing in popularity since the dawn of the internet.

Let’s face it, the world is moving away from the church. People need more open-minded, liberal organizations to take their place. These days, folks just …

Pagan Ceremonies and the Tradition of Handfasting

In this article you will learn all about the Pagan Wedding Tradition from its history to how it is celebrated today. You’ll get an idea of what the ceremony might look like and how to include the handfasting ritual, and other fun aspects in your own wedding.

For couples who want a spiritual, but non-religious wedding, a pagan wedding ceremony …

The Flying Spaghetti Monster: A Unique Ordination to Officiate Weddings

If you’re looking to officiate some off-beat weddings, this satirical church offers online ordination that allows you to perform weddings. This article will help you decide if you’re ready for pastafarianism 🙂

In the realm of unusual belief systems, few are as out there and delicious as the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM). Originating from a satirical open letter in 2005, …

Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

How To Fill Out a Marriage License, For the Couple and Wedding Officiant

Are you planning a wedding this summer but are confused with the license work? Well, here, you can get a quick overview of how to fill out a marriage license for good.

Wedding ceremonies are all exciting, but there’s a lot more to them. Above all the significant preparations, the most important one is filling the wedding license right. This

How to Write a Simple Religious Wedding Ceremony Script

The religious wedding ceremony script is precious as it defines the starting point towards a beautiful lifelong relationship. If you’ve been confused about how to approach the subject and write it, this blog can help you create an accurate and personalized religious wedding script for your big day.

This script can be divided into a few parts. Some of these

How to Include Bible Verses in Your Wedding Ceremony Script?

When two souls agree to join each other under God’s grace, most of them hanker for a natural life with spiritual blessings in it. Everyone desires to have happiness, health, sincerity, and devotion in their lives. Including Bible verses in your wedding ceremony script will help you channel those blessings and transcribe them into the matrimonial act. Predominantly in Christianity,

What Questions to Ask When Writing a Wedding Ceremony Script?

A variety of questions and confusions awaits whenever the wedding ceremony script writing is ahead. It doesn’t matter how many ceremonies you’ve hosted before or how many captivating scripts you’ve already written; there’s a series of steps that you need to keep in mind every time.

Among them, the most important one is to ask the lovely couple a series

What Are the Most Common Types of Wedding Ceremonies in The US?

Wedding ceremony types can vary in terms of how you want to tie the knot. They usually are traditional, religious, secular, or civil. There’s no one or two specific types that you need to follow. You can also have your own personalized one if you prefer things your way. However, here is a clarification of the most basic types that

How to Organize a Small Backyard Wedding Ceremony?

Backyard weddings are as intimate and elite as all other weddings. So, if you are thinking of conducting a soothing wedding with your close friends and family in your backyard, you’re going to need proper wedding ceremony planning! Now, planning such a wedding is definitely a pressure-releasing affair because you won’t have to worry about getting out of your budget.