Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

How far out should you start planning your wedding ceremony?

Here’s what should you keep in mind…

Many people have been thinking about their wedding since they were a kid – but sometimes, when it comes to planning your actual wedding day, it can feel like there’s suddenly never enough time to get it done. With proper organization though, getting everything perfectly in place can be a breeze. From saving time on the officiate, to when to book the venue, and what to book first, here’s what you should really consider when it comes to how far out to plan your wedding…

If you’re hiring a wedding planner, make it your first priority

By hiring the wedding planner first, they can help with every stage of the planning process. Plus, they will know exactly what to prioritise and when, especially if you are getting married during peak wedding season. This isn’t their first rodeo.

Focus on the big details first

The bookings which require securing the furthest out are the biggest parts of the event – such as reserving the venue, and locking in a caterer. Small details, like the color scheme of the table linens, for example, can wait until nearer the time – spending time on these early on instead of the bigger priorities can actually derail your schedule if you’re not careful.

Block hotel bookings

As soon as you have your venue confirmed, it’s time to block book accommodation close by for your guests. Reserve rooms at a couple of different hotels in order to give your guests a choice to stay in – often these need to be reserved around six months from the actual date.

Destination weddings need to be planned further in advance

While international destination weddings are increasingly popular – and the thought of Caribbean sand beneath your feet rather than stilettos might sound like heaven – planning one takes much more time. Because your guests will have to arrange travel and vacation leave fto attend, invitations to these weddings should be sent as far as 18 months away from the actual event date.


Having your own officiate can save a lot of time

Not only does having your own personal officiate at your wedding make it even more unique and intimate to you and your loved ones, but it also means you can totally eliminate the need to wait for a space to book in with an in-demand registrar. What’s more, though the process varies from state to state, becoming ordained to legally perform a marriage is simpler than you might think – especially when You Can Officiate is here to help.

The advantages of short-lead weddings

If you are planning a wedding with a short lead time, don’t stress too much about it. Just remember, short-notice weddings happen all the time… and often they come with a lot less stress than a wedding that has been in the works for years, because all that time worrying about it is simply eliminated. The key thing is to enjoy the day: and that’ll happen no matter how much time you spend planning the napkin rings.