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Why brides are choosing to walk down the aisle alone in 2021

As decades pass we are seeing weddings being more inclusive of both partner’s wishes. Some trends are emerging, others are fastly fading, yet what is more surprising is that some strong traditions are being changed, especially in 2021. Such is the tradition of walking down the aisle – but this time, brides are doing it alone instead of being escorted!

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How much does online ordination cost, and is free online ordination legitimate?

Did you know that you can become ordained to be an official wedding officiant, online, right now – all for free? It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not at all. Thanks to American Marriage Ministries, becoming ordained is easier and more achievable than ever.

Folks get ordained for lot’s of reasons. But for most, they become …

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No Wedding Officiants in Alabama? Understanding Alabama’s new marriage license requirements

Our friends over at American Marriage Ministries have gotten a lot of questions from couples asking about Alabama’s new marriage license requirements. Specifically, folks are wondering about a new rule passed into law last year that seems to eliminate the role of the wedding officiant!?

The good news is that Alabama’s new marriage process is more of a bureaucratic measure, …

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Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

How far out should you start planning your wedding ceremony?

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Here’s what should you keep in mind…

Many people have been thinking about their wedding since they were a kid – but sometimes, when it comes to planning your actual wedding day, it can feel like there’s suddenly never enough time to get it done. With proper organization though, getting everything perfectly in place can be a breeze. From saving