How to Ask Your Best Friend to Officiate Your Wedding Ceremony?

Maybe you desperately want your best friend to officiate your wedding ceremony but are unsure how to ask them? Then you have indeed landed in the right place. Here you can learn the proper ways to do so. Also, maybe you need to know whether your friend is the right person to become your wedding officiant or not. Well, let’s start with stating facts about how you can ace this task in the best possible way!

·        Check Your State’s Laws

A number of states do not support this online ordination process. So, before going any further with asking your best friend about it, make sure to learn about the laws of your state. After ensuring that your area allows this kind of online officiant registration, plan to ask your best buddy.

·        Tell Your Friend How Much It Means to You

Your friend would definitely love to hear you saying how important it is for you to have your bestie by your side. So, don’t hold back your feelings and stay open. Share each bit of how badly you want your pal to officiate your wedding ceremony and how much it would mean to you. They are definitely going to love it and won’t be able to say ‘NO’ as an answer!

·        Make a Request, Don’t ORDER!

This might be your wedding, and you really want all your loved ones to take part in it, but still, you cannot just order anyone to do anything. You must ask if your friend’s comfortable doing it or not. Maybe, they have stage fright or want to participate in your wedding in another way. So, make sure to give them their space and let your friends decide for themselves.

·        Surprise Your Friend with a Gift

How about making proper preparations for asking your best friend to become your wedding officiant? You can arrange a proper gift parcel asking if he’d like to officiate your wedding. Or you can choose some fascinating quotations to write on that customized gift, such as ‘Will You Marry Us?’, or ‘Will You Become Our Wedding Partner for a Day?’, etc. Now, who would be able to ignore or deny after such a cute gesture?

·        Offer Them Help in Becoming a Wedding Officiant

People usually think becoming an ordained minister is a complex thing. However, it’s not! You can help your friend become one easily through online websites like the American Marriage Ministries. Some websites also offer these services for free. So, don’t forget to offer them this help whenever you ask your pal to be your officiant for the day! Chances are, you’ll take a heavy burden off of them by doing this.

The Bottom Line

Asking your best friend about this significant task is not really hard if you do it in the right way. Just don’t get offended if they refuse to officiate the wedding ceremony because your chosen person might have their own special plans for the day!