What Are the Most Common Types of Wedding Ceremonies in The US?

Wedding ceremony types can vary in terms of how you want to tie the knot. They usually are traditional, religious, secular, or civil. There’s no one or two specific types that you need to follow. You can also have your own personalized one if you prefer things your way. However, here is a clarification of the most basic types that are carried around the US:

Civil Wedding Ceremonies

Civil ceremonies are not some lavish weddings being held somewhere. They are more like a way to legalize your marriage through a registrar in a city or town hall. It’s not religious nor traditional, so you don’t need to take care of the venue, fancy attires, a long list of guests, food, drinks, etc. It’s just an intimate non-religious wedding ceremony that involves uniting you and your loved one.

Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies

When you and your partner belong to a different religion or have a different faith, you can customize your wedding ceremony accordingly. An interfaith wedding ceremony involves practices and traditions on behalf of the two religions so that both of you feel content and peace at the end!



Elopement Wedding Ceremonies

These ceremony types are indeed lots of fun and meaningful, but only for the couples who prefer privacy and solitude. You can elope to some far-off place to get married and may or may not inform anyone. It’s a good choice when you prefer having only a few people around you on your special day.

Religious Wedding Ceremonies

In most cases, people belong to a specific religion which they respect and follow. In fact, most people opt for religious wedding ceremony types in which all the rituals are performed according to their practices. If you’re a believer of a particular religion, you should definitely go for a ceremony that would encompass both your love and faith.



Spiritual Wedding Ceremonies

There are people who are spiritual but do not necessarily belong to any religion. If that’s the case with you, you can opt for a wedding ceremony according to your beliefs and carry it out that way too. You don’t have to follow any customs or traditions, simply enjoy your wedding like you want to!

Theme-Based Wedding Ceremonies

If you plan on hosting a wedding based on a specific theme or color, you definitely are super-creative. These ceremony types are admired by almost everyone around the US. People love unifying acts that are different from traditional ones. You can customize your vows, dresses, and positions – all according to how you want your story to unfold.

Same-Sex Wedding Ceremonies

Same-sex weddings have also been legalized for quite some time now. You can easily register your love legally through marriage offices and registrars or can also throw a cool personalized wedding ceremony to celebrate your meaningful day to the fullest.

The Bottom Line

If you are wondering how to curate the perfect wedding ceremony, always have in mind that it’s your day, and you certainly have the right to tailor it your own way. If you want to learn more about all the ceremony types and write your own scripts, visit the AMM’s wedding officiant training pages for help.