What Is a Non-Religious, But Spiritual Wedding Ceremony, And How to Plan One?

A non-religious but spiritual wedding ceremony is a celebration of the union of two souls planned in their own way. This kind of wedding ceremony may or may not include traditional religious practices. It all depends upon the will of the two people getting married. The act is a midway option between a civil and religious wedding. The marriage ceremony is customized according to the desires of the bride and the groom, and the only condition is to follow the law.

A wedding ceremony is about the lifelong commitment of you with your beloved partner. Some people believe that this commitment and connection between the souls requires no obedience to religion. It does not need assurance from religions or other people. Therefore, this is tailored in the name of love and joy, specially designed for those getting married in their unique way with their own set of choices.

Celebrate it Anywhere!

You can have your spiritual wedding ceremony at any place as it is not church bound. This wedding ceremony does not abide by any specific traditions because it is designed according to your wishes and desires. You can also have an officiant for the ceremony who can guide you through all the procedures and decisions. They can help you with all the important decisions by providing you the right guidelines at the right time.



If you’re thinking that this is some unusual kind of non-religious wedding ceremony where you cannot enjoy it to the fullest, you’re definitely wrong! Actually, this wedding type is the one where you can enjoy the most. Choose the location, guests, the music, attire, and everything just like you want it to be! You got to be particular about the music played at your wedding because it is what usually describes the entire wedding vibe.

Customize Your Vows

Since this union will be all about you and your partner, the vows taken will be crafted by you two, too. These can be precisely how you want to live with your soulmate. You can easily get these vows inked in accordance with your desires, goals, and life plans. Therefore, take the process of writing the vows slowly and lovingly. Make sure the vows embody the connection that you both have formed with each other over the period of time.

The uniqueness of such a wedding makes it intriguing and distinct from others. The preparations, vows, wedding plans, everything would be different. Everyone invited to the celebration will not be attending the usual traditional wedding but the one you designed. This way, you can display this non-religious wedding ceremony from your and your loved one’s perspective and how you intend to spend the rest of your lives. Everyone would experience something new and the soul-bounding thing which would captivate their hearts and make the event a lot more meaningful.


The Wedding Guide

The step-by-step guide to a Spiritual Wedding Ceremony for you is shared below,

  • You decide the seating arrangement, calculate the time you both will take to walk the aisle, and most importantly, what music will be played.
  •  Next, the officiant welcomes everyone and directs the focus towards a couple of the hour. That will be, of course, you both.

  • You can arrange a small reading which could be a religious sermon, a poem, a sonnet, or can also be the story of how you two met. This will set the alluring environment of the wedding.

  • Then the couple, you and your partner, would be asked for consent, which is just a formality but an important one!

  • Next, come the vows that you will design or write to show the spiritual and loving bond you both have.

  • You can choose to exchange rings or not, it is up to you. But, to be honest, that’s the best part any nuptial ceremony can have. Because rings symbolize eternity, this is the best ‘being wedded’ symbolism.

  • You can choose a poem or a song for the closing ceremony, depending upon how you want it to end.

  • The marriage is then declared official, and you may proceed to enjoy your wedding with your married partner!

Conclusively, the spiritual wedding ceremony is all about giving you the liberty of how you wish to enjoy the purest and most precious moments of your lives. It depicts the freedom that you do not have to abide by any religion to unite and celebrate it under certain conditions. It is your day, and you get to live it as you mean it!