How to Get Ordained Online, A Step-By-Step Guide to Online Ordination

If you need to become a wedding officiant for one of your best friend’s weddings, online ordination is the best thing to do at the moment. Maybe your friend had this wish for a long time and caught you off guard with it. Well, you don’t have to worry about making it come true. Getting ordained online is super easy and uncomplicated. However, people might think that becoming a wedding officiant is challenging but only because they don’t really know about this simple online ordination procedure.

So, let’s get started with the step-by-step process of how to get ordained online and get you an official officiant certificate right away!

  •       Make Sure Your State Allows Online Ordination

There are some states that restrict getting ordained online. However, some places allow you to get an officiant status for a day to host your loved one’s wedding. Before getting started with the process, you must ensure whether your state has approved the websites used for this process or not. If yes, the next thing would be to get ordained right away and fulfill your friend’s wedding day wish!

  •       Choose a Reliable Website

There are particular websites that you can find online to get ordained. You need to choose one that is supported by your state and is also trustworthy. You will have a bunch of options to choose from, such as the AMM (we’re the best), The Church of Dudeism, Rose Ministries, etc. The more convenient website you choose, the easier it will be to follow up the whole procedure.

Another thing you should consider in this case is choosing a non-denominational website. It will help you get your certificate without worrying if the site is secular or has any religious affiliations.

  •       Apply to Get Ordained

The next thing you need to do after finding a proper online platform is to apply for ordination. Before doing that, you must go through the reviews, information about how to get ordained on that website, etc. Move ahead with applying when you feel completely comfortable on that respective platform. Usually, you will easily see a button saying ‘Apply to become a Minister’, ‘Get Ordained Online’, or similar calls to action. Just select that button, and you’re all set to go.

  •       Give Information Demanded by the Website

There is a form that every website wants you to fill. Usually, it’s just a simple info-form in which you need to enter all your basic details, i.e., name, ID, number, education, history, etc. It’s just a part of the online ordination process.

Pay the ordination fee (if there is any) and ENTER! Now, depending upon the website you chose, your certificate will be either provided to you instantly or in a number of days. After that, you’ll be an officially ordained minister!

The Final Words

The Online ordination process is not a hazard as it is presumed to be. Just don’t forget to keep your certificate with you on the day of the wedding (just in case). Plus, as you will be new to the field, make sure to practice and learn the wedding ceremony process and details properly. It will help you make everything happen like it is supposed to!