Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

How To Fill Out a Marriage License, For the Couple and Wedding Officiant

Are you planning a wedding this summer but are confused with the license work? Well, here, you can get a quick overview of how to fill out a marriage license for good.

Wedding ceremonies are all exciting, but there’s a lot more to them. Above all the significant preparations, the most important one is filling the wedding license right. This blog will guide you through its most essential sections and help you get officially married in the right way!

Fill Out The Officiant Details 

The first thing you need to do is declare the title of the officiant of your marriage ceremony. So before going to fill the license, you will have to decide the officiant for your marriage.

Now you will have to write the title as Minister because, in the American Marriage Ministries, it is with only this title that one is allowed to perform a marriage. Make sure to do things in the proper way. After all, you cannot risk the laws of the country, and of course, that way nothing should go wrong on your most memorable occasion.

The Affiliation of Church on Marriage License

This is for the officiant again. Being an officiant, one is required to write American Marriage Ministries on the marriage license. However, an officiant is always allowed to perform any type of wedding ceremony belonging to any religion, but at the end of the day, they would be doing it as official members of the ministries. Thus, you need to be sure that the officiant belongs to the American Marriage Ministry and abides by the laws of the country.

The Denomination of Religion on Marriage Ceremony

An officiant is to write non-denominational on the marriage license until the marriage ceremony is performed per a particular religious rite.

As a couple, it will be your duty to inform the officiant in advance if you are performing any traditions or rituals from your religion. This will help the officiant mention things in the marriage license accordingly. This will also make you avoid any inconvenience while having your perfect and most special day.

Notify the Type of Your Marriage

You would need to mention whether your marriage is going to be religious, spiritual, or completely unique. When it comes to civil weddings, they are performed by a judge or someone from the court. 

The Requirement of Witnesses

Your wedding ceremony can indeed not be completed without your maid of honor and the best man standing by your sides. Other than that, they have another significant duty to perform, which is to become an official part of your marriage license. In some states, it is a requirement to have a pair of witnesses sign it, so wouldn’t it be great to have your besties as your wedding witnesses?

In conclusion…

Filling up the marriage license is a great duty and needs to be performed with care. It is a great deal of significant work, but you can easily do it with your loved one on your side. Or, in case you find it a bit confusing, having a wedding officiant with you during this process will be incredibly helpful!