What Is a Handfasting Ceremony?

Do you want to personalize your wedding with a symbolic touch? If yes, then this blog is going to be incredibly helpful to you! When it comes to the wedding ceremony, you would want to indulge in a handfasting that is just as fascinating as it sounds. This act is a promise which unites the couple while their hands are bound into each other’s with a cord (Yes! A colorful bundle of ties)

During the handfasting ceremony, you stand either face to face or side by side with your spouse as your hands are into your partner’s, as your love is being declared. While your hands are bound, you can choose the statement of commitment you want to say. These words of devotion are the symbol of the love you both share. In essence, it is a wonderful way to have more meaningful ceremonial proceedings.


The handfasting ceremony was basically a part of the Celtic wedding ceremony. It started in Ireland as a public announcement of engagement which lasts a year, after which you could decide whether to continue and marry each other or end the commitment.

But you do not need to worry, because over time, now you can include this beautiful act of devotion in your wedding without any constraints of religion or race.

The Ceremony’s Process

You must be wondering who will perform this wedding ceremony as other wedding official duties are carried by the priest or an officiant. Well, that is completely up to you – you can choose an officiant to tie the cord on your hands or can have your family and friends do it, because who else if not family and friends!

Next, the officiant or the person you choose begins the handfasting ritual by explaining to the attendees what it is and why you both chose to have it as a part of your wedding. After everyone grasps the real meaning of this meaningful act and gets completely indulged in its emotion, you can proceed. When the cords are tied, you are allowed to say the statement of commitment and join the hands for eternity.

Design it Yourself!

How would you like your hands to be tied? Would you like silk cloth or flowers? Or the cord your grandma knitted for you? Well, you can do as you please. You can have as many cords as you want. For example, you can also choose your desired colors that go with the theme of your wedding. You can even promote sustainability and have an organic cord included in your hand-fasting ceremony.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you can keep this symbolic cord with you as a memory or a symbol from your wedding, representing your union and support to each other through the difficulties of life. Conclusively, the handfasting ceremony is another beautiful ritual to celebrate the union of your love. It is a personalized touch to your wedding which you can keep with you for the rest of your life.