What is a commitment ceremony?

When we think about it, you might have already witnessed a commitment ceremony without even knowing about it. Indeed, it is that similar! Basically, it is almost the same as a wedding ceremony, with one key difference – it is not legally binding. Simply, giving a commitment for eternal devotion without all the paperwork. The beauty is that these ceremonies

Here’s what to Wear When You Officiate a Wedding

Getting a chance to officiate a wedding is definitely something to get excited about! Being a person who’s going to make two beautiful people begin another journey is not only a pleasure but a responsibility that needs to be fulfilled appropriately. So, to attend a wedding as an officiant, there are numerous things you would need to take care of

How to Organize a Small Backyard Wedding Ceremony?

Backyard weddings are as intimate and elite as all other weddings. So, if you are thinking of conducting a soothing wedding with your close friends and family in your backyard, you’re going to need proper wedding ceremony planning! Now, planning such a wedding is definitely a pressure-releasing affair because you won’t have to worry about getting out of your budget.

How to write a Christian wedding ceremony script

Perhaps the most important and exciting aspect of being ordained is that, as the officiate, you will conduct the wedding, just like the conductor of an orchestra. It’s essentially your job to ‘host’ the ceremony – it’s your role to guide the ceremony from introduction through to conclusion and final moments. And the biggest part of conducting the wedding? The …