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How long does it take to get ordained online, and what is an internet church?

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Becoming a minister is an incredibly rewarding and powerful responsibility. But, as life changing as the abilities of the role are, you’d be surprised as to how quickly you can get ordained to become a wedding officiant by applying online.


In days gone by, the officiant of the wedding would be a high-ranking member of the community, such as …

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How does the ring exchange part of the wedding ceremony work?

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The exchanging of wedding rings is one of the most important parts of a marriage ceremony. It’s as traditional a wedding feature as you’ll ever find, and a powerful physical symbol of the couple’s love and commitment to each other which they will remember forever.


It is the role of the wedding officiant to lead this element of the …

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3 tips for live streaming a wedding ceremony in 2021

In the unprecedented times of Covid-19, many people planning their weddings in 2021 have found that, while they can go ahead with getting married, gatherings have become intimate with a small handful of guests in attendance, if any at all. But, just as we have found ways to move our interactions to safe, virtual ones, so too have our special …

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Who can become a wedding officiant, and what steps do you need to take?

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Becoming a wedding officiant is one of the most rewarding roles you can ever have – and there’s nothing more exciting than being able to personalize a loved one’s wedding by becoming ordained especially for it.

In practice, a wedding officiant is the person who leads the wedding ceremony, like the conductor of an orchestra, or an emcee. Legally, the …

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How to write a non-religious secular wedding ceremony script

The beauty of having your own chosen minister officiate your wedding is that you have the freedom to customize the proceedings as much as you like – especially when it comes to having a non-religious wedding.

The script sets out the running order and ‘stage directions’ for the entire ceremony – and with it, your ordained minister can guide the …

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No Wedding Officiants in Alabama? Understanding Alabama’s new marriage license requirements

Our friends over at American Marriage Ministries have gotten a lot of questions from couples asking about Alabama’s new marriage license requirements. Specifically, folks are wondering about a new rule passed into law last year that seems to eliminate the role of the wedding officiant!?

The good news is that Alabama’s new marriage process is more of a bureaucratic measure, …

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Who can officiate a wedding? Learn the steps required for friends and family to officiate.

Couples that want to add something special to their wedding ceremony often ask, “can a friend or family member perform the wedding ceremony?” The good news is, that the answer is yes!

It’s never been easier to get ordained online, become an official minister, and officiate a legal wedding. And while there are dozens of internet churches that will offer …

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How to Get Ordained Online in 5 Easy Steps

Getting married sounds complicated, but if you strip it down to the simple requirements, it’s actually pretty simple: A wedding only needs three things: you, your partner, and the person who officiates the ceremony and makes it official. This article is for all three of you – couples deciding on who should officiate their wedding, and aspiring officiants wondering how …

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Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

How far out should you start planning your wedding ceremony?

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Here’s what should you keep in mind…

Many people have been thinking about their wedding since they were a kid – but sometimes, when it comes to planning your actual wedding day, it can feel like there’s suddenly never enough time to get it done. With proper organization though, getting everything perfectly in place can be a breeze. From saving