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3 tips for live streaming a wedding ceremony in 2021

In the unprecedented times of Covid-19, many people planning their weddings in 2021 have found that, while they can go ahead with getting married, gatherings have become intimate with a small handful of guests in attendance, if any at all. But, just as we have found ways to move our interactions to safe, virtual ones, so too have our special …

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Who can become a wedding officiant, and what steps do you need to take?

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Becoming a wedding officiant is one of the most rewarding roles you can ever have – and there’s nothing more exciting than being able to personalize a loved one’s wedding by becoming ordained especially for it.

In practice, a wedding officiant is the person who leads the wedding ceremony, like the conductor of an orchestra, or an emcee. Legally, the …

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How to write a non-religious secular wedding ceremony script

The beauty of having your own chosen minister officiate your wedding is that you have the freedom to customize the proceedings as much as you like – especially when it comes to having a non-religious wedding.

The script sets out the running order and ‘stage directions’ for the entire ceremony – and with it, your ordained minister can guide the …