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Why brides are choosing to walk down the aisle alone in 2021

As decades pass we are seeing weddings being more inclusive of both partner’s wishes. Some trends are emerging, others are fastly fading, yet what is more surprising is that some strong traditions are being changed, especially in 2021. Such is the tradition of walking down the aisle – but this time, brides are doing it alone instead of being escorted!

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What is a commitment ceremony?

Category : Officiating

When we think about it, you might have already witnessed a commitment ceremony without even knowing about it. Indeed, it is that similar! Basically, it is almost the same as a wedding ceremony, with one key difference – it is not legally binding. Simply, giving a commitment for eternal devotion without all the paperwork. The beauty is that these ceremonies

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Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

Are There Any Specific Words That You Have to Say During a Wedding Ceremony?

Wedding ceremonies are held to announce the inauguration of a new journey full of trust, love, and emotional bonding. In these ceremonies, emotions matter more than any words. This is your wedding, and no, you don’t have to follow a script on your most special day! However, to make the bond more legible and authentic on a legal basis, you

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Here’s what to Wear When You Officiate a Wedding

Category : Officiating

Getting a chance to officiate a wedding is definitely something to get excited about! Being a person who’s going to make two beautiful people begin another journey is not only a pleasure but a responsibility that needs to be fulfilled appropriately. So, to attend a wedding as an officiant, there are numerous things you would need to take care of

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How to Organize a Small Backyard Wedding Ceremony?

Category : Blog , Officiating

Backyard weddings are as intimate and elite as all other weddings. So, if you are thinking of conducting a soothing wedding with your close friends and family in your backyard, you’re going to need proper wedding ceremony planning! Now, planning such a wedding is definitely a pressure-releasing affair because you won’t have to worry about getting out of your budget.